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Probation Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Can I go anywhere I want for a substance abuse assessment?

No. The Noble County Courts have established Noble County Court Services as our assessment site. If an individual needs additional services not offered at Noble County Court Services, we will refer to a certified agency of choice.

(2) When are fees due? Where are they paid?
  • Noble County Court Services fees are due according to the Court’s Order. They may be paid through the Noble County Probation Department.
  • Court fines and costs are given a specific due date by the Judge, which appears on the terms of probation. They may be paid through the Noble County Clerk’s Office.
  • Probation user fees, restitution amounts and extradition fees are typically due within the period of probation, unless otherwise stated on the probation terms. They may be paid through the Noble County Probation Department.
The Noble County Probation Department accepts cash, money orders, or cashier’s checks. No personal checks or credit cards are accepted.

(3) Where can I get information about community service work?

You can talk with your probation officer about community service work during appointments or over the phone.

Community service work can be done at not-for-profit, pre-approved sites such as hospitals, humane shelters, churches, police departments, fire departments, and most nursing homes.

Once you have selected a site, check with your probation officer to make sure this site is approved, otherwise, you may have chosen a site that does not meet the criteria and you will have to redo the hours.

(4) Where can I get information about home detention?

Rob Haywood is our home detention officer. If you are interested in setting up a meeting with Officer Haywood regarding home detention questions, you can call him during office hours at 260-636-3116.

Click here for more information about the Noble County Home Detention Program .

(5) Can my probation be transferred to another county or state?

Misdemeanor cases are rarely transferred to other counties or states for supervision. There are some instances where Felony cases may be transferred to other jurisdictions under the supervision of the Probation Officer assigned the case.

Interstate cases are transferred to other states according to the Interstate Guidelines to which the State of Indiana has agreed to comply.

Typically, offenders who are sentenced in Noble County are supervised by our department.

(6) Can I contact my Probation Officer after hours?

Our voicemail system works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. To leave a message for Probation Officers, anyone can contact the Probation Department at any time and leave a message.

If you wish to speak directly to your assigned Probation Officer, you must contact the office during normal office hours. Probation Officers are not available by phone after hours.