Noble County Courts

Noble Superior Court II


The Noble Superior Court, Division 2 was originally the Noble County Court, which was created to begin January 1, 1976 as the second countywide court in Noble County. Before that the Noble Circuit Court was the only countywide court, although there were city and town courts. The court was originally created as the Noble-Whitley County Court and Jerry L. Carson was appointed judge. After the Whitley County Court was created, the court served only Noble County.

In November, 1990, Michael J. Kramer was elected judge and took office January 1, 1991. Effective July 1, 1999, upon Judge Kramer’s request, the Indiana General Assembly converted the Noble County Court into the Noble Superior Court, Div. 2. By being a superior court, the court is able to hear a broader range of cases and allows more flexibility for the transfer and division of cases between courts.