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Noble County Court Services is the drug and alcohol program of the Courts in Noble County and began operations in June of 2002. Initially, the program was free-standing and not a part of the probation department. In January of 2007, Noble County Court Services came under the direction of the probation department. This consolidation occurred in order to streamline and simplify the services that were offered to offenders in Noble County.

The purpose of Noble County Court Services is to provide the criminal defendants of Noble County with the best, consistent substance abuse assessments, education and referral to treatment available.

It is the belief of this program that strict judicial intervention and offender accountability are key to preventing the recurrence of substance abuse related crime and in breaking the cycle of crime committed by a majority of substance abuse.


The goal of this court program is to take a structural and consistent approach in working to reduce the recidivism of substance abuse offenders in this county and to make this county a safer place to live, work and travel. The goal will be achieved through:

  • A. early intervention and consistent clinical assessment of all referred alcohol and drug clients;
  • B. development and implementation of a cognitive, evidence based, substance abuse education.
  • C. referral to substance abuse treatment for clients assessed to be in need of further substance and or mental health needs;
  • D. facilitation of communication between service providers and Noble County Probation.

As the drug and alcohol program for the Courts, referrals are received from Noble Circuit Court and Noble Superior Courts, Divisions 1 and 2. Offenders who are charged with an alcohol or drug offense or who have an offense that alcohol or drugs were a contributing factor are referred to Noble County Court Services for an assessment. A drug and alcohol assessment is then completed with the offender and a determination is made regarding what services are needed for that individual. The progress of those individuals who are referred to Noble County Court Services is tracked by the probation officer who is assigned to that offender.

Noble County Court Services offers an evidence based alcohol education program that consists of up to twenty hours of classroom instruction. The course offered is The Flex modules from the Change Companies. The program focuses on the issues around impaired driving and the use alcohol and other drugs.

Noble County Court Services has implemented the use of The Courage To Change program through The Change Companies as well. These journals focus on specific areas of need that contribute to criminal offending. The program is designed to be able to be indiidualized to each offender’s specific needs. If it is determined at assessment that further services are needed beyond what Noble county Court Services can provide, a referral is made to a local treatment provider for further services.

In order to provide services as a court alcohol and drug program in the State of Indiana, the program must be certified through the Indiana Judicial Center ( In November of 2007, Noble County Court Services was awarded a four year certification from the State of Indiana.

The fee schedule for Noble County Court Services is as follows:

      Assessment: $150.00
      Education Class: $200.00
      Case Management: $50.00
      Additional Cause number: $100.00
      The Change Companies Classes: $10.00 each journal

The probation officers who provide drug and alcohol services are all Court Substance Abuse Management Specialists (CSAMS) or in the process of obtaining that certification.

Noble County Court Services provides services to approximately 550 to 600 offenders per year

Home Detention

Home Detention is currently operated through the Noble County Probation Department and consists of a Probation based program for those ordered to serve as a term of probation and for misdemeanor charges and juvenile placements.

Noble County Community Corrections is also operating within the Probation Department with a home detention element for those serving executed sentences, individuals modified from prison to a community based supervision, problems

The program consists of utilizing electronic monitoring devices for the supervision of offenders in a least restrictive community based situation. Individuals to be placed on supervision are required to meet a set of criteria to be considered for placement. Those criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Type of employment
  • County of residence is considered for placement or transfer
  • A home telephone may be required
  • The individual must remain inside of the their residence unless given specific permissions

Noble County Probation’s Home Detention program utilizes Global Positioning (GPS) devises, which are monitored twenty-four (24) hours a day.

The cost of participation will vary per case based on the types of equipment ordered by the Court. Each individual will be assessed an initial setup cost and a daily rate based on the devices utilized.

For more information or to be considered for placement, contact the Noble County Probation Department at 260-636-3116.