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Drug Court

Noble County Drug Court

Noble County Drug Court began in December, 2006. The Noble County Drug Court coordinator is Michelle Fosnaugh.

Drug court is a specialized Problem-Solving Court designed to handle cases involving offenders who are addicted to drugs. An evaluation of drug courts in Indiana found that they are effective and significantly reduce the commission of new crimes, increase compliance with treatment, and that over time every $1.00 invested in the program saves taxpayers up to $5.37.

The Drug Court Team is made up of a team from the Prosecutor’s Office, Probation Department, treatment agencies, law enforcement and residential facilities. They work together to provide the appropriate treatment and supervision to break the cycle of addiction.

Offenders must plead guilty to the charge, agree to take part in intensive treatment, pass regular drug screenings, attend self-help meetings, meet with their probation officer twice weekly, and regular reporting to the drug court judge. The length of drug court is between 18 and 48 months.

Should the offender fail to comply with one or more of the requirements they may be removed from the drug court and sentenced for the crimes that were committed. For lesser violations, the person is continued in drug court and immediate sanctions are imposed, which can range from an earlier curfew, community service, increased meetings, or jail. This system has been found to be effective in building accountability in participants and changing behavior. 

Judge Kramer started the 1st certified family drug court in the State of Indiana, the Noble County Family Preservation Court, which works with parents in CHINS who have had their children removed because of an addiction. Too often parents failed to follow through in treatment and often parental rights had to be terminated. Drug court provides intensive supervision to ensure follow through by the parents. Drug court allows children to come home sooner and saves taxpayers child placement costs.